Professional Development

At The E2 Group, Inc., we customize our services and training to meet the unique needs of our clients and their educational goals. We rely on adult-learning principles and best staff development practice to assist school systems in producing the change that they desire.

Our professional development services can be delivered in a variety of ways to meet your needs, including: (1) on-site technical assistance, (2) motivational presentations, (3) staff development and training, and (4) curriculum and product development. To provide our clients with the most current and reliable validated practices, our expertise and services focus on the following topical areas:

  • Collaborative Practices, including Teaming and Models of Collaborative Teaching
  • Utilizing Differentiated Instruction in a Collaborative Classroom
  • Standards Based Teaching and Learning
  • Writing Standards-based IEPs
  • Staffing and Scheduling for Inclusive Schools
  • Positive Behavioral Supports for the Classroom
  • Curriculum Development and Adaptations
  • Creating Your Inclusive School
  • Monitoring and Data Collection Strategies
  • Exploring the New Roles, New Responsibilities of Paraprofessionals

Technical Assistance

To increase the impact and results of professional development opportunities, we offer technical assistance. This on-site support allows for individualized attention related to specific school or classroom needs and ensures that the philosophies and practices addressed in the training transfer to classroom practice. School personnel receive practical, site-level suggestions for improvement and growth.

Motivational Presentations

Our motivational presentations are designed to re-energize and motivate! Delivered by top experts in the field, we will educate, engage, and inspire your audience with insight, experience and hands-on advice.

Staff Development

Our on-site professional development consultants can assist with your long-term goals and provide quality training that motivates and informs your administration, teachers, and parents. We specialize in meeting the needs of schools, districts, and state departments, as well as other entities. Each of our workshops and educational seminars emphasize interaction and exchange of information among participants. What sets us apart? We offer customized trainings and hands-on workshops that are conducted by engaging presenters who have experience in the field!

Curriculum and Product Development

We offer our clients the development of individualized products to meet their needs and use within their system. Whether it is a trainer-of-trainer model to promote systemic change, or a handbook on Collaborative Teaching for school use, our customized products reflect the use of research-based curricula and targeted interventions.