Workshop Highlights

Collaborative Teaching

To be effective collaborators, most educators today require an in-depth, tool-based, highly practical set of skills. This workshop offers level-specific strategies to assist educators in developing and assessing their skills and provides summary activities to enable each school, or partnership, to create an action plan that will ensure effective instructional delivery and efficient use of staff.

Standards Based Teaching and Learning

Today’s schools focus strongly on accountability and access to the general curriculum for all students. This training addresses educational planning and development of individual educational programs (IEP) for learners with disabilities, based on state grade-level standards. Outcomes include practicing alignment of goals to standards based IEPs and focusing on how to translate those goals into classroom instruction.

Staffing and Scheduling for Inclusive Schools

Inclusive practices in schools are cause to re-examine how special education staff are being scheduled and utilized to provide support in general education environments. The outcome of this training is to provide a systematic, data-driven approach to staffing and scheduling for services to support students with disabilities at a school level. To utilize special population teachers most efficiently, particular attention is given to (1) alignment with the school master schedule, (2) special education personnel providing support to students with disabilities along a continuum of services, including both specialized and general education settings, (3) collaborative planning time allotments, and (4) an analysis of current staffing and scheduling practices.

Writing Standards Based IEPs

This workshop provides training regarding academic alignment that will assist special educators in writing standards-based IEPs for students with disabilities. With a foundational focus on alignment of goals to academic standards, educators will have the skills to create access to standards based curriculum.

Creating YOUR Inclusive School

In this era of accountability, inclusive schools are no longer a vision, but a reality. Laying the foundation for effective, inclusive practices is critical. Develop a successful program by focusing on key elements such as scheduling, collaborative partnerships, staff development, and follow-up by key stakeholders.